The tricks are the perfect medicine for laziness, especially when facing important tasks. Necessary Mandatory Or we leave the savings in hiring someone who is responsible for cleaning or, for lack of another alternative, we roll up, and we get into a mess. There is no other. We can stay on the couch instead of going to the gym, study the last night before the exam, order a pizza at home without the culinary experience of spending an hour cutting, chopping and stirring food in the kitchen, but we can not live in a dump.

So, without escape routes, we can opt for shortcuts. Life is more comfortable with those alternatives that give us hours of sleep and, above all, a much more presentable result to take home to anyone: from those parents that Don Limpio at his side is a real filthy dirty glove, going through that boyfriend or girlfriend who wants to impress on the first date, even that co-worker who lets himself fall down the floor without warning and to which we can not make a wrong impression. And is that, although we think that our mother or our father have spent all their knowledge to keep the dirt at bay, there is life beyond knowing how to clean the oven or the bathroom first.

7 Practical Tips to Help you Clean your Carpet

1. Permanent spots on the carpet

The carpet is the king of accumulating dirt. It’s like a magnet that attracts all kinds of things: that if hair, if food remains if a dog that is dedicated to eating in it, But the worst comes when the dirt carries a hand stain. Until the moment that with a broom or a vacuum cleaner can be eliminated, nothing happens. The bad comes when the dust is forever until it is washed or taken to the dry cleaners -with all the time or money that means-. And how do we get rid of the stain then? The key is not detergents or soaps, but vinegar. Yes, pour a little vinegar on the stain and a bit of baking soda, leave on until the bubbles appear, rub with a white damp cloth, let it dry and goodbye to the stain.

2. And those of pen or marker of the tables

No need to have children at home to face a smudge of a pen on the surface of any table. Although the option of not removing it is always present, to eliminate it the key -for all types of materials- is to clean it with a scourer or cloth dipped in milk.

If with the pen the problem is more or less solved – unless it has left groove – in the case of a pen, the solution is not too complicated. In your case you change the milk for the toothpaste to return to recover the table before staining.

3. The end of the crumbs in the toaster

All those who eat toast have nightmares with the toaster. If they are short on time, they pick it up and try to forget about the crumbs. However, the next time there will be more and will gradually accumulate in unsuspected corners, no matter how hard we try to shake it over the sink. Despite our efforts in vain, there is a trick to eliminate them and forget about them temporarily. How? With a dry toothbrush, you have to sweep the inside so that the hidden crumbs go out, shake another little bit so as not to lose your habit and practically ready.

4. Clean the oven without dying in the attempt

We use it not to put the kitchen up, but it gets dirty and a lot, more than we think since it is not the typical appliance that we clean day in and day out. To avoid dying in the attempt to absorb the gases of some products intended for this work, it is advisable to make a paste with baking soda and water. Then you just have to rub the oven with it and let it sit for an hour. When the dirt begins to crack, you have to remove what has come loose. Then you just have to light the oven at a moderate temperature for 20 minutes with a jug of water and vinegar inside. Then just pass a rag to eliminate everything, and the stove shines in all its glory.

5. The cutting board, only with water?

No, neither wooden nor plastic. In the case of the former, water and soap are not the solution to remove all the dirt. The key to remaining like the jets of gold is to put a little salt and rub a lemon on the surface. This will remove stains and odors.

In the case of plastic, you have to change the lemon for the orange. And is that to clean and disinfect it to rub the skin or the skin of an orange and rinse it. You can also try some of the best carpet cleaner on the market to see how effective they are on your carpets.

6. The artichoke, without lime, please

We clean-or at least try-the bathroom every week. The most responsible will even do it every day. However, surely there is a part that resists us: the artichoke. The person in charge of pouring water is filled, irremediably, with lime. It is something that can not be avoided. And although we rub hard, there are always remains that offer that whitish appearance that gives us some headaches when we are underwater. The solution? As easy as taking a plastic bag, fill it with vinegar and soak the artichoke for an hour. And the lime will be history.

7. And the rest of the bathroom?

With the artichoke without lime, we can not rest on our laurels and allow lime to flood other places in the bathroom. To clean these marks or water from stainless steel faucets, it is best to use half an orange as a sponge. Also, it will also act as an impermeable barrier for the water to slide.